Employer Dog Tag Campaign

Dog Tag Campaign

There are approximately 575,000 veterans in the State of Arizona

Commit to Honor

Be a part of the living legacy of Welcome Home Veterans Park: the Commitment to Honor display.

Dedicate a set of two dog tags for every veteran employee in your organization. Each set of dog tags is a $100.00 contribution to Welcome Home Veterans Park. One tag becomes part of the permanent installation of the “Commitment to Honor” display with recognition of participating employers. This display will be dedicated to the public on Veteran’s Day 2017 with the opening of the park. The other dog tag is gifted to your company. You may choose to display them within your business or present them in your own ceremony honoring your employees.

Commit to Hire

Make a difference in the lives of veterans today and connect with a workforce that is skilled, loyal and committed to excellence. For post 9/11 veterans, the unemployment rate in Arizona is 27%, that is 435% higher than all Arizona unemployment. Dedicate a set of dog tags for every new-hire veteran as part of your on-boarding new employee process.

Commit to Help

Pass on the lessons to our children. Vietnam Veterans were largely ignored and maligned when they returned home. Education of our youth is essential to never allowing that to happen again.

Operation Welcome Home sends volunteers into classrooms in the valley to teach students about military appreciation and service. Welcome Home Veterans Park is designed to serve schools around the state. Commit to Help is all about investing not just in your company now, but in the next generation of citizens that will serve our country and your company in the future.

Dedicate a dog tag for each class room. One hundred dollars supports a classroom for Military Appreciation month programming and Welcome Home Veterans Park. Children learn about our military, monuments, medals, dog tags and how they can be part of honoring the service of our military personnel. Teachers are furnished with activities that fulfill learning objectives. Sponsors will be named on printed and on-line learning materials and within the education center.

For more information on the Employer Dog Tag Campaign, view/download the PDF with full details.

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